cheerchicka491 (cheerchicka491) wrote in cheer_or_die,

in Medford

im out in medford vistiting my cousins, zach, natasha, (lexi isnt here), JT, terrel, jerry and julie.... with my aunt jonna and her new fiance. anyway thers a bunch of animals and it snowing, and the most beutiful sight i've ever seen, snow in the country. anyway its hectic here. pool, tag, xbox and gamecube are all going on at once, meanwhile the adults are just talking in the kitchen. im soooo happy my puppy dog came with us!!! Cinnamon is my puppy and i'll post a pic when i get back home. kids are everywhere  its sooo crazy! but its in the country and everyone is carrying around presents and i absolutley love it! my cousin Natasha and i are really close and shes almost here.....    comment later!

i know i said i brobably wouldn't be on for a week, but no one is one the computer and i took over = )
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